Thursday, August 7, 2014

Autoimmune Diseases and Kombucha Tea

Just a quick post to provide a link to an article which many of you may find interesting.  I am not sure why type 2 diabetes (lower case intentionally!) was omitted from the article, however there is a lot of good info written in laymen's terms.   Just click on the Women's Health link below.

We don't suggest that Kombucha Tea is a panacea --- it actually does not cure anything per se; however, people (too numerous to count) have attested to the healing benefits of drinking the tea.  Kombucha Tea works by improving the immune system, which in turn helps the body to heal.  You can actually consider Kombucha Tea to be an adaptagen, for it goes to those areas of the body where it is most needed.  For this reason, results vary from person to person.  There seems to be a general consensus that Kombucha aids in reducing stress and providing energy, along with promoting sound, restful sleep.  Sleep is important if you are working on healing a specific medical condition.  Ample sleep (between 7 - 9 hours) assists the body in healing.  Kombucha Tea naturally helps the body to rest.   If you have not tried it yet, you can get it here:  GTS Synergy Raw Organic Kombucha

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